P4CM Presents JIG-A-BOO by Featured P4CM Poet Jackie Hill

P4CM presents Rhetoric 2012, the largest Christian Poetry event. Featured P4CM Poet Jackie Hill delivered her poem "Jig-A-Boo" in front of an audience of nearly 3,000 people. For more poetry and to know when the next Rhetoric will take please check out: www.P4CM.com

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    Turn to ya neighbor and tell them to listen to this poem
    Tap ya other neighbor and tell them to listen to this poem
    What has happened to us church?
    Why do we do what every person that stands behind a mic says
    without investigating their fruit first?
    The truth hurts but im here to slice you up with His sword so
    that we can start being real Christians again instead of
    Yea I said it,Jig-A-Boos, people with a holy fascade, like a
    white face, painted over their negro colored heart, sitting in
    the back of their bus-ted insides
    Tap dancing, shouting, and singing for human praises like our
    ancesters who did it for quarters, nickles, and dimes, you are
    still enslaved church.
    Instead of getting excited about the glory of God, we’d rather
    be entertained like human ipods, touched by everything that makes
    love to our 5 senses
    If it looks, sounds, tastes, smells, feels, right is must be
    righteous, right, wrong
    Just because you feel tingly on the inside, when someone is
    singing or speaking, like your heart is bleeding pop rocks,
    doesn’t mean that their anointed
    Its just means that you’re emotionally inclined to base reality
    on how you feel instead of truth
    When you go to the grocery store, and pick up a piece of fruit,
    you examine it to see if its rotten, you smell it, it, turn it
    around in your hands, press your fingers against its skin to see
    if its ripe but even though we are called to do the same thing to
    every person that stand behind a mic and claims to speak on
    behalf of God,we don’t, because of our need to be entertained
    instead of the need for our flesh to be beatin’ up and maimed,
    we continue to sit back and eat rotten fruit, when we will stop
    buying preachers that are expired, But if you don’t study to
    show yourself approved, it makes perfect sense for you to approve
    of any and every fool that preaches heresy, sprinkled with a
    little truth …cuz sound teaching doesn’t seem to matter any
    more as long as they can preach good right.
    Hand gripping the mic, screaming into the crowd, breathing all
    hard in between every word like he’s having a heart attack,
    organist and drummers already in position to play the sound track
    to this spectacle we wanna call “worship”
    But even Apostle Paul said that his preaching was plain, and void
    of clever and persuasive words so the listeners faith would not
    be based on human wisdom but in the power of God
    What is happening to us church?
    There are Preacher and prophets in the pulpits, profiting off
    prophecies that profit me, nothing
    No correction, no rebuke, no call to repentence
    Just a new house, a new car, more blessings, and even more
    reasons not to submit
    And you wonder why your ears cant stop itching
    Because your body is infected with sin, and Jesus Christ is your
    prescription but instead of cleaning out the old man residue with
    Q-tips convered in conviction producing repentence
    You’d rather hide behind your old negro spiritual worship songs
    because you cant stand the masters whippings.
    These men have pasted cotton balls over their grey fur to full
    the masses
    Matta fact, some of them are your pastors
    You think they are sheep, but inside they are ravenous wolves
    with evil eyes
    Skinning the faith of the saint with their teeth
    Don’t blame the wolf for biting its pray,little red riding
    hoods, you’re the one that let your discernment cease
    They say, “I speak cars!”, , you say,I receive, they say,I
    speak healing, you say, I receive, God says, I want holiness
    Silence..its crazy how the highest praise is only sent up when
    our flesh is getting pleased
    What happened to our flesh getting weak, what happened sincerely
    falling to our knees
    And asking the lord to show us the parts of us that make him want
    to heave
    But we’d rather, throw up our hands, and puke out unknown
    Without an interpretor to even tell us what spiritual door the
    tongues broke thru from
    Im done holding my tongue, im sick of biting my lip
    No wonder, unbelievers cant see the truth like stevie wonder
    staring at the results of lie detector test
    Because without order in the church, the blind stay bound and
    confused, …but as long as the church continues to live like
    walking flash backs of Amistad & Roots
    Those with spiritual blind folds, choking the death out of their
    souls, will never be able to see God because the one being is
    exalted is you
    But my God will not be mocked
    Again for you, He became a slave a for you, beaten and maimed for
    you, whipped atleast 41 times,with led tips ripping into the back
    of the creator of skin,His holiness colored with your sin and He
    drank from the water fountain of Gods wrath that tasted as
    hateful as a cup full of Jim Crow, and until you die on a cross
    for all of mankind,no human being on planet earth will ever
    understand true segregation like the son experienced when He felt
    Christ died so that you could be a new creation so
    Loose yourself from that noose saturated in religion, are you
    You are unknowingly dangling from the tree of the Pharisees, but
    even Pharisees-saw that going backwards and forwards like a see
    saw, would only give more room for God’s light to expose their
    hearts, so choose which side you will be on because
    No one can serve two masters
    In 1865 the 13th amendment proclaimed that slavery shall no
    longer exist in the united states
    2000 years ago, Jesus’s Christ death abolished our spiritual
    shackles but too many of us have gotten comfortable with our
    religious traditions and supertitions that remain enslaved while
    proclaiming that we’re free
    Many of you, don’t even realize you are Jig-a-boos…people
    with a Christian personality, oblivious to your slave
    Harriet Tubman was quoting in saying “I freed a thousand slaves
    I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were
    So instead of tap dancing and shouting to the beat of you own
    drum, get on your knees, put your face to the ground where all
    you can see, hear, taste and smell is repentence and belief in
    all you can feel is the spirit of God million man marching you
    into an underground railroad, not filled with those that have
    been trained but those of us who are willing to discard our
    religious chains, and trade in our quarters, nickles in dimes,
    for true change
    because our savior is here, and He has came to set the captives